Byron “Skeeter” Stone, Senior Project Manager/Estimator

Byron “Skeeter” Stone

Skeeter is all about the details and getting the job done to the highest standards. He has an amazing ability to understand both the scope and the details of a project. From an early age, Skeeter accelerated in the trades. He grew up in the construction field surrounded by high expectations and a level of excellence he did not realize were above average until they had become a way of life. From his early memories of riding a bulldozer at 6 years old, to managing 5 crews of men older than he was on a $10M project at just 21 years old, to helping grow a company to nearly 200 employees completing $8-$10M projects including major highways, big box retail properties, a 500,000 square foot facility and shopping mall, Skeeter brings experience, commitment, and excellence to every job he manages. His areas of expertise include sewer and water, storm, and roadwork.

Committed to passing on his knowledge and experience, Skeeter inspires people to work harder, faster, and better than they thought they could. He leads by example. No job is too messy, and he has a reputation for not expecting anyone to do what he would not do – which means he has done the toughest and dirtiest tasks needed to get the job done. He can proudly name more than a dozen men he has mentored during his career who are now Superintendents or run companies.

After more than 15 years partnering with them on projects, Skeeter officially joined the Stone Development & Restoration team in 2009. As our Senior Project manager, he oversees construction and restoration services across the eastern United States, and is mobilizing his experience so the company can win and deliver larger, multi-million dollar jobs.