James Stone, Owner/CEO

James Stone

James “Jim” Stone is a man of character, values, and vision. He grew-up in a family of seven working for his father in the construction business. His ability to lead was evident from a young age as his constant eye to efficiency and quality increased the bottom-line of his employers and customers. He quickly proved his value in the industry, and was recruited in 1983 by Bianci Construction. He was hired as an Operator and within two weeks was promoted to superintendent over the $4+ million project of laying water lines for the city of Lakeland. In 1985, Jim began working for Brang Construction Inc. where he ascended to Superintendent overseeing multi-million dollar residential and commercial construction projects including a science center, several schools, a $10 million shopping center, apartment complexes and the $8 million dollar, 44,000 square foot addition to Gould's Pump.

It was in these years that Jim honed his talent for leading – always seeing the big picture, having a viable plan B so every job is completed well and on time, caring about the people who work for him, the companies he serves and their customers, hiring talent rather than sub-contracting, and consistently delivering more than promised.

In 1997, Jim and his family left the snow-belt for the sunshine of North Carolina where he established Stone Development & Restoration. With more than 30 years in the construction industry, Jim’s extensive hands-on and leadership experience has allowed him to build Stone Development & Restoration into a company that can tackle any project.